Review of the Razer Sabertooth controller (xbox360) GIVEAWAY


Razer Sabertooth Controller


I purchased this controller once i broke my normal Xbox 360 one, so i was not only in need of a new controller but i was looking for something to help me towards that next level of gaming. I ordered the razor sabertooth in hope that it could give me the the edge and i have to say right from when the controller arrived i was very impressed. The packaging is very clear with information yet remains attractive and continues with the traditional razor colors of black with the neon green.
When i opened the box i was very surprised but delighted to see that it comes with a nice protective case that the controller sits in as you will be able to see in the pictures below, while this is a nice feature to include it does not take any of the wow factor away from the controller itself. The controller is a good weight, was obviously designed to be comfortable with the rubber coating on the exterior which is soft to the touch but also stops your hands from sliding around the controller while using it for extended periods. The shape of it self is not to dissimilar to the original which is a nice touch but does feel a little smaller which was the one downfall to this controller, the analogues feel very comfortable without compromising the functionality. Another minor yet good point is the the (a, b, y, x) buttons are a lot more sensitive a swell as the triggers ans bumpers.

Razer Sabertooth overviewimage_3Triggers underneath

Now the main feature is the programmable triggers under the controller which allow you to change to any button on the controller for example so that you don’t have to press the bumpers you could just flick the trigger underneath up or down. The programmable feature also allows you have to profiles so you can set two different controller types for instance if you was playing a first person shooter you could have one profile selected, the other profile could be set for any other game you like for instance a sports game. The d-pad buttons are more sensitive which allows for ease of use while the removable wire to the controller is a great feature which is screw on for stability but also allows for transporting easily in the carry case.

So overall i would rate the controller a strong 8/10, as its consistent in all areas. So as the sabertooth is priced at from £70 to £90 i would say definitely worth the price at the lower end.

Technical Details

    TO ENTER THE SABERTOOTH GIVEWAY 1. Please leave a comment below about my review 2. Right one sentence why you deserve it. WINNER will be announced Monday at 3pm.

Brand Razer
Item Weight 286 g
Product Dimensions 11 x 15.4 x 5.7 cm
Item model number RZ06-00890100-R3G1
Hardware Platform Xbox 360
Operating System Xbox 360

3 thoughts on “Review of the Razer Sabertooth controller (xbox360) GIVEAWAY

  1. MrLightsOutHD

    I think that this a very good review! Especially by telling us the awesome feautures it has! I think that I deserve this controller because I am in need of a new controller and I would also like to take my game to the next level! 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  2. Tony Truesdale

    An informative and down to earth review, gives a good description of the controller (touch, weight, sensitivity) and info on the programable trigger (sounds very handy for battlefield etc). I was also impressed by the clarity of the photographs.

    Anything that can help improve my game play would be a welcome addition to my time with my xbox. 🙂

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